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The Commission quickly recognized that information on faith-based schools was widely scattered and difficult to find for those interested in understanding the dynamics affecting the schools as well as the realities that exist in the schools. One of its first acts was to engage Vicki Murray & Associates LLC. to gather statistics, data, research papers, analysis, and any other pertinent information so that the Commission could establish a central location. The mission was not to gather only favorable information, but as much evidence about faith-based schools into one place as we reasonably could with our resources.

The result is “Assembling the Evidence,” a website that for the first time has state-by-state data on faith-based schools, a detailed FAQ about the schools, and an extensive library with articles dating from the 1960s to the present. In 2014 the Commission plans to make the library searchable. The site also has information on funding and private school regulations by state.

Vicki Alger’s report, “Faith-based Schools: Their Contributions to American Education, Society, and the Economy,” can be downloaded here. She highlights many of the important data points on the web site.

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