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The American Center for School Choice has joined an alliance with the blog, redefinED, where our staff, associates and Board of Directors are exploring a new definition of public education. Blog Posts

Commission on Faith-based Schools

The Commission on Faith-based Schools

The Commission on Faith-based Schools successfully launched on September 20, 2012, in New York City. To see what has happened since then, click here.

June 1 Webinar

June 1 Webinar

You can now view video of our June 1 webinar!

This was a follow up to our successful “May Superman Pray? The Role of Faith-based Schools in School Choice” conference from April. View Webinar
Our Mission

The mission of the American Center for School Choice is to expand public support for families to choose the schools they believe will best serve their children.

ACSC addresses itself to all citizens who are concerned about freedom, justice, and the common good, and seeks to contribute to their understanding that parental choice in education is an exercise of freedom, a matter of justice, and a contribution to the common good.

ACSC provides expertise across a broad range of crucial areas -– in education and persuasion; research and information; design and implementation; litigation and legislation –- bringing conceptual clarity, intellectual acumen, practical know-how, and political savvy to the task of formulating a wise, just, and effective set of educational policies that in supporting American families will truly serve the American public.


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Webinar Video

View our follow up webinar to the “May Superman Pray?” conference.

View Webinar

Conference Video


May Superman Pray?

The Role of Faith-Based Schools in School Choice

Video of the Conference is now available!

View Video

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